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Something Evil May Be Present - by Niki_chaos (http://www.yourghoststories.com/)

"For some reason my childhood home scared me. My parents bought another house in town and we moved when I was in high school. My grandparents currently stay in my old home. I am now 21 years old and I heard my parents talking to each other about my grandpa who went ill when they moved into the house. I have never heard the full detail of what was wrong with my granddad so I was curious. (My granddad is fine now it's just my parents just started remembering what had happened).
As they talked I remembered my mum say to my dad that my grandmother called a priest to bless the house because she was worried that there was some evil spirit inside their new home making my granddad sick. Then it clicked. I started remembering loads of stuff that happened not only to me but to my older sisters as well. Suddenly everything made sense.
When I was younger I heard the cupboards in the kitchen opening and closing. I was always afraid of being alone in the tv room. I always felt weird in there. Not only me but my sister also didn't want to sit on the chair in the tv room which faced the hallway. We were both afraid of something peeping out of one of the bedrooms, staring at us. My oldest sister told me she saw shadows moving down the hallway into the kitchen. She also told me that one night when she was in the kitchen she looked outside the window and saw something small and white on the grass beneath a bench just watching her. She also had dreams of black dogs with red eyes in her room growling at her. Though this spirit or spirits never hurt us it's just a little on the weird side. Like what did it want?
Although my grandparents are still living in that house and my granddad is healthy again, I still feel there is someone or something evil inside. Even when I visit them I still feel its presence.
Ps. I can't find any history of this house but will continue my search for answers. I also think I am little psychic because I sense it may be a angry man who committed suicide in that house. I'm just a little scared that if I go into that home and do a little ghost hunting that it might anger the spirit more. I'm curious to find out more about this spirit but I think I should let it be..."

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